By preserving the legacy of Joel Chandler Harris and the heritage of African American folklore through storytelling, tours and student publishing, the Wren’s Nest serves as an educational resource for the community, the greater Atlanta area and visitors from around the globe.

The Wren’s Nest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and relies on the support of the community to enact our mission


The Wren’s Nest employs one full-time executive director, one full-time program director, and two part-time docents.

Interested in volunteering? What about an internship? Read up on both and then shoot Sue (sue@wrensnest.org) an email, please.

Sue Gilman, Executive Director

Sue Gilman at The Wren's Nest

Sue grew up on Lucile Avenue, exactly two blocks north of the Wren’s Nest. She even attended Joel Chandler Harris Elementary, the very same building where the KIPP Scribes attend school. Sue has served as development, marketing, and executive directors at nonprofits throughout her career, most recently in New York and

Sue started her career at Turner back when it was mostly just a hope, a dream, and the Braves. She’s happy to be back in Atlanta.

Sue’s favorite movie from the 1980s is Turner and Hooch, which is both unlikely and misguided. Her favorite storyteller is Akbar.

You can email Sue (sue@wrensnest.org) anytime you’d like. Before breakfast even.

Kalin Thomas, Program Director


Kalin first fell in love with the Wren’s Nest back in 2011 after profiling it for her lifestyle show, “Life Plus,” which aired on Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters (AIB). She couldn’t believe that more people didn’t know about this hidden gem. Kalin was also a producer/correspondent for CNN’s weekly travel show, and senior writer/photographer for SoulOfAmerica.com — a site that promotes African American cultural sites. So helping to promote and preserve historical sites like The Wren’s Nest is a passion of hers.

She is currently writing a book about her experiences as CNN’s first black travel & tourism reporter. Her hobbies include: traveling, reading, photography and thrift shopping.

One of Kalin’s favorite movies from the 1980s is Tootsie.

You can find Kalin via email at kalin@wrensnest.org. She loves it when you ask her about African American history.

Jeri McWilliams, DocentJeri at The Wren's Nest

Jeri is a native Atlantan, originally hailing from the mighty Dixie Hills neighborhood. She’s given tours at the Wren’s Nest for more than ten years.

In her spare time, Jeri enjoys volunteering in the community, from exciting events (the Vine City Boys and Girls Club Christmas Party!) to necessary-yet-perhaps-not-so-glamorous tasks (voter registration).

Jeri accepts sass from nobody and tells it like it is, honey (see especially: when visitors are insulting). Her favorite storyteller is Curtis. Her favorite movie from the 1980s is Clash of the Titans. She was into Clash well before the updated version came out. Honey, please.

Nannie Thompson, Docent

Nannie at The Wren's Nest

Nannie has given tours at the Wren’s Nest since 1999 and has served as official Wren’s Nest housekeeper since 1996. Nannie knows more about the house than anyone and dares any one of y’all to prove her wrong. She is something of a Wren’s Nest celebrity.

Before her time at the Wren’s Nest, Nannie managed her husband’s restaurant, Fred’s, for 28 years. Nannie’s favorite movie from the 1980s is Kindergarten Cop, and she doesn’t care if it was actually released in 1990.

Email Nannie here (though in truth, Nannie does not fool with computers or anything newfangled. But if you send her an email, we’ll give her the message.).


Our board comprises 15 individuals from diverse backgrounds. They share a passion for historic preservation, the legacy of Joel Chandler Harris, and the heritage of African-American folklore.

Davar Irvani, Holder Construction Henry Parkman, Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan
Jay Bailey, Phoenix Leadership Frampton Simons, Treasurer Community Volunteer
Jason Howard, Alston + Bird Phil Walsh, Deloitte & Touche
Lucy Inman, HUGE, Inc. Simon Chio, King & Spalding
Tigist Slaton, Community Volunteer


In case you’re wondering about how we do business, feast your eyes on our 990s and statements of review. Mmmh, numbers.

2008 990 (.pdf) 2008 Statement of Review (.pdf)
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And if you’re really interested in our financial goodness, feel free to peruse our Guidestar profile. It’ll be fun! Well, maybe not so much fun as… informative.

Priorities & Needs

You know a little of what we’re about and a little about who we are. But where are we going and how can you help?

We’ve outlined the following priorities and needs in our strategic plan. What do you think? Can you help us get there?