Uncle Remus Tales

Brer Rabbit and the Lil Rabs

Uncle Remus Tales


The majority of the Brer Rabbit stories originated in Africa. The
stories were told and retold by enslaved Africans, and the tales
evolved with the changing times and the circumstances.


The stories spread quickly on southern plantations and piqued the
interest of several writers, like Robert
and Alcée
, who eventually recorded them.


Joel Chandler Harris’ versions, however, were easily the most successful. Having spent four years working on a plantation as a young man, Harris himself grew up amongst the stories and the storytellers. His keen ear, combined with great wit, meticulous research, and a fortuitous position at the Atlanta Constitution,
allowed the stories to flourish around the globe.


Harris created the Uncle Remus character to narrate the tales. Based
on a few of the slaves that Harris looked up to as a young man,
Uncle Remus became one of the first fully developed African American
characters in American literature.

Brer Rabbit and his influence have been a part of our culture ever since. From Beatrix Potter to Bugs Bunny, from Song of the South to 8 Mile, from Ralph Ellison to Toni Morrison, the Brer Rabbit stories have captivated the minds of children and adults all over the world for well over a century.

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