Irresponsibility and Google Successes

Written on September 4, 2007 at 5:29 pm, by Lain Shakespeare

As usual, I’ve jumped the gun.

Not only did I break Amelia’s camera several weeks ago, but I also left the one we procured for the Decatur Book Festival …elsewhere.*

Perhaps it’ll be located by tomorrow? At any rate, no pictures or snarky commentary today.

In other news, one of my predictions from long ago finally came true. We have shot to the (well, near the) top of the Google charts if you enter the query wren’s nest.

Google, wren's nest style

Take that, House Wren Nest Box Plans! Might this have something to do with the fact that I met a Googler the other day?

If you query the wren’s nest we even jump up a spot.

google, wren's nest style, part 2

You can even try it out for yourself! Clearly, nothing has ever been more exciting. Nothing except the blog posts tomorrow!

*How is an executive director of anything allowed to retain the post if s/he is not responsible enough to hold on to a camera? Looks like my board finally needs to face the tough questions.

6 Comments to Irresponsibility and Google Successes

  1. Gabe says:

    I like how the addition of THE really moves things up.

    Kind of like, if you google Gabe Babe, you may have trouble finding a good picture of me. But if you google Gabe THE Babe, then you should find plenty.

    But seriously, how can we move to number 1? i may spend the next month clicking on google every day so we become more relevant.

  2. Mama Shakes says:

    Lain, please tell me you didn’t lose my camera. Please.

  3. lain says:

    No mom, if you must know, the camera is in Eduardo’s apartment on the 18th floor of Somerset Heights. It’s on the dining room table.

    It’s more like a dining nook, though.

  4. lain says:

    Oh, and Gabe: the best thing you can do is link to on your own website, blog, or signature in the forums that you interact on.

    So, when Travis ever gets his website up and running, I totally expect him to link to me like all the time.

    Also, now that I’ve linked to House Wren Nest Box Plans twice, I’m kinda shooting myself in the foot and asking Google to place them above me.

  5. Ronni French says:

    Nice try, Lain, but you’ll have to lose more than a camera (say the house, for instance, or Nannie) for us to be rid of you –

  6. REAL ESTATE says:

    I found this post accidently while searching online. Thanks!

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