Written on April 11, 2007 at 3:45 pm, by carson

Hi folks. Take a look at Lain for a second:


This is a man who works hard. This is a man who pours blood, sweat and tears into keeping this beloved old house museum alive and well. This is a man who spends so much time at the Wren’s Nest that he doesn’t have time to resole his shoes. I mean, look at that right one.

Note: this photo was taken after the impromptu Easter Egg hunt on Saturday afternoon. The one Lain graciously allowed to take place, sans appointment or grounds rental fee. We call people like Lain the “Bomb-Diggity.”

This being my second week as WNIC (see below), I am starting to see a side of the Wren’s Nest that you might not get on Star, Jeri or Miss Nannie’s $7 tour. You might not hear it in Miss Woodie’s emphatic storytelling, or smell it in the rose garden out back, or deduce it from Lain’s commentary on the state of the upstairs (a bit disorganized). But if you look deeply into the non-sole of his right shoe, you will see what I’m talking about.


The Wren’s Nest is a place bursting with passion for a cause far greater than itself. While we hard-boiled interns, docents and executive directors do care about grant money and breaking attendance records and even being famous (true!), we care (prehaps most of all) about bringing a community of people together to share something historic, meaningful, and unique.

And, as Lain mentioned in his last blog, being nice always helps.

It seems the legacy here (though it hasn’t always been upheld; see: 100 white ladies sipping tea and being racially exclusive) is respecting tradition. We’re all about preserving a flavor of storytelling and literature that has enchanted readers and inspired writers for well over a century. The people I’ve met here believe in this mission. They work like they mean it. And I’ve never met him, but I think Joel Chandler Harris would be proud of what’s going on here.

5 Comments to LAIN’S RIGHT SHOE

  1. Ida Beth says:

    I think we need to take up a collection to buy Lain a new pair of shoes.

  2. Chauncey Arnold says:

    an inspired post, i dig it.

    also: that kid falls asleep anywhere. it’s a talent. or curse. but mostly talent.

  3. Amelia Trace says:

    Carson Amelia, you’ve struck gold.

    Lain’s shoes may just be the portal into his Executive Director soul (sole?), what with those darn eyes being temporarily out of commission. And you know what? He’s probably dreaming about making people wet themselves- just a little -with joy from touching an artifact from the *slightly unkempt* upstairs room, ensuring that they never forget their Wren’s Nest experience.

    Along with something weird like cacti on rollercoasters.

    You’re my new favorite blogger.


  4. lain says:

    You’re right, Amelia, if a little saucy.

    Which the Wren’s Nest appreciates, don’t get me wrong.

    You should see the look on people’s faces when I take them up to the attic and throw our signed copy of Gone With the Wind at them and say “THINK FAST!”

    When they drop it and look bewildered I scream, “YOU JUST RUINED $10,000 WORTH OF HISTORY! HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW?!!”

    Then I throw our signed Rudyard Kipling book at them in frustration.

    Note: kidding, kidding.

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