The Scribes Program

The Scribes Program is in partnership with KIPP STRIVE Academy and Brown Middle School, our neighborhood middle schools. For the past five years, we have brought professional writers to work 1-on-1 with 5th-8th graders at KIPP STRIVE Academy to write stories. For the first two years of the program, the students explored the storytelling possibilities of creative non-fiction, by recording a story from a significant adult in each student’s life. For the past three years, the scribes wrote historical fiction based in Atlanta. This fall, our Scribes Program returns to Brown Middle School. The second Scribes Program anthology by students at Brown Middle School will launch in Spring of 2015.

Don't Forget That Day


The KIPP Scribes Program kicked off in 2010 with Don’t Forget That Day, a collection of stories by 17 Scribes. We launched it at the Decatur Book Festival with a book-release party where the kids signed autographs and ate cupcakes.

2011’s publication, The Whole Fiasco, was written by 23 Scribes who worked diligently to improve their writing skills and tell a great, true story. The program is made possible by the Kim King Foundation and the Fulton County Arts Council.

The 2012 anthology, Read After Burning, also premiered at the Decatur Book Festival. 17 stellar Scribes shared their original stories in this year’s book. Check out our blog to see pictures from the book launch.

The 2013 anthology, Into Bright Tomorrows, was written by 28 student authors–the largest project to date! The scribes wrote stories inspired by seminal moments in African American history in Atlanta.

The inaugural Brown Middle School anthology, The Here and Then, is a fabricated retelling of our city’s recent past, composed by 19 magnificent eighth graders. It launched in May of 2014 at Brown Middle School. In Next Door to the World, our fifth annual KIPP publication, 20 Scribes retell the history of the Wren’s Nest and write their own fractured folk tales. It launched at this year’s Decatur Book Festival, where many of our young authors read their work aloud and signed autographs for their adoring fans.

Here at the Wren’s Nest, we believe that young folks can learn a lot from 1-on-1 interactions from older folks. We also believe that a hands-on education is a great way to improve writing skills, bring families closer together, and validate the stories of southwest Atlanta. This true legacy of Joel Chandler Harris: inspiring education and empathy among neighbors in Atlanta.

Don't Forget That Day

Would you like to be involved with the Scribes Program? That’d be awesome. Fill out a mentor application (click here to download Word file) and email it to Kalin.

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