Song of the South 62nd Anniversary — Your Questions Answered

Written on November 12, 2008 at 5:38 pm, by Amelia

Out of the many things we do not have in this museum, Song of the South is the one we field the most questions about.

In honor of both Song of the South’s birthday (release date: November 12th, 1946) and my mom’s birthday (release date: undisclosed) here are some frequently asked questions and our typical answers.

Poster for Song of the South

Do you sell Song of the South?

Why no, no we do not.  In fact, no one has been selling Song of the South since it’s never been released for home consumption in the United States.

Song of the South is really racist, right?  Is that why it’s banned?

Well, first of all, it’s not banned.  It’s just not distributed in the US.  It was a different story over in Great Britain and Asia until 2001.  And to answer your other question, well… how about you read this enlightened opinion and let me know what you think.

But Disney doesn’t have anything to do with the movie now, right?

Aside for their most popular amusement park attraction, Splash Mountain, nope!

Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World

Was Joel Chandler Harris pleased with what they did with his stories?

Tough to say, since JCH passed away in 1908, 38 years before the movie’s release.

Well, what about his family?

They sold a handful of stories to Disney in 1939 for $10,000.  On the one hand, yay!  $10,000!  Renewed interest!  On the other, there was probably some self-kicking later.

Do y’all have a relationship with Disney now?

See: self-kicking later.  Not even a few royalties, guys?  Please?

No, but really: you guys can sell it to me, right?

Not even a little.  Try eBay!  Or piece together a few YouTube clips–

YouTube Preview Image

Anything we missed?  Use the comments!


  • GPB’s radio show, Georgia Gazette.  Tonight Lain will be on it, discussing Song of the South!  It airs at 6 pm, but don’t fret–you can download it on iTunes, too.
  • In Search of Uncle Remus.”  The AJC covered the 60th anniversary of Song of the South.  We’re featured prominently.

6 Comments to Song of the South 62nd Anniversary — Your Questions Answered

  1. Joe says:

    This was a fun post, even though nobody left any comments.

  2. Jodi says:

    Not only does Disney’s most popular attraction feature Brer rabbit, they also sell beenie baby critters of Brer Rabbit, bear, fox, frog, etc. etc. If only we could get some of those royalties!

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  4. […] should be a marketing coup for Disney.  As we’ve mentioned here time and time again, there’s an unquestionable demand for the movie, and absence has made the heart grow fonder […]

  5. Heather says:

    I was introduced to Uncle Remus by my Grandpa in 1980, in Michigan. I have been raised in the South. My Grandaddy was a story teller himself. I will always have fond memerios of brer bear, brer fox and my favorite rabbit. I hope the tradition will carry on.

  6. Pat O'D says:

    I rented this about 8-10 years ago from Insomniac Video, which is no longer in business in San Luis Obispo, Calif. it was a VHS tape he had bought from a UK site. The family of the actor who played Uncle Remus must really be upset with Disney and the NAACP. Only the tar baby scene might be considered inappropriate in these PC times. One of the best reverse psychology lines was Briar Rabbit saying, “Don’t throw me into the Briar Patch!”. Then when he’s tossed and flying through the air, adds….”I was born in the Briar Patch!”

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