Volunteer at the Wren’s Nest

Volunteer at the Wren’s Nest

The Wren’s Nest couldn’t function without an enthusiastic family of dedicated and charming volunteers. We’d love for you to help.

Carleigh and D'Mecia

Our volunteers mentor middle school students in our Scribes Programs at KIPP STRIVE Academy and Brown Middle School, help out with the High School Publishing Company, lead tours of the historic home, lend a hand during special events, or help out around the yard.

Snap Bean Farm

Okay, now picture all those leaves on the ground. Yikes!

Interested in volunteering? Email Sue, our valiant Executive Director, for a courteous, informative reply.



Internships at the Wren’s Nest are hectic and unpaid exercises in historic preservation, event planning, publication publishing, website updating, and the occasional floor mopping.

Still interested?

Send us your resume along with a few good reasons why you want to work with us to sue@wrensnest.org.


Our Awesome Volunteers: 2013 – 2014

Alicia Johnson is a graphic designer at Turner Sports, but that didn’t stop her from designing the cover of Midnight Consumption, 2011’s offering from the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. You can talk to Alicia about the Addams Family, the White Stripes, and what my cousin was like in her 20s. [bwak bwak bwak]

Ally Wright is a mentor for the Brown Middle School Scribe program. She has a MFA in Creative Writing from SCAD and also spends time as a tutor at the SCAD writing center.

Amanda Heckert is a senior editor at Atlanta Magazine. One time her great-grandmother broke her leg and Amanda’s parents were all like “she was trying to climb the water tower to take a bath.” Many years later, Amanda found out this was not true, not in the least. Amanda now volunteers with the KIPP Scribes. [Atlanta Magazine]

Amelia Lerner helped launch the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. and the KIPP Scribes before becoming the development director at Dad’s Garage Theatre Company. She appreciates the little things in life. The smaller the better, in fact. We can’t keep Amelia away, and so far it hasn’t been a problem. [Twitter]

Andrea Krakovsky is the Creative Director for the Jewish Kids Groups school. Her favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. Her mother is a therapist, her father is a teacher, and her 17-year-old sister is a high school student. She is a mentor for the Brown Middle School program and the KIPP Scribes program.

Annette Shakespeare plays maracas and tambourine in the band Tom Hill and the Midnight Suns. The band can be seen from time to time at Elliot Street Pub, the Clermont Lounge, and at Shuffles in Winder. Annette volunteers on Saturdays at the museum. [Tom Hill and the Midnight Suns]

Balogun Ojetade – is a new KIPP Scribes mentor. He is a novelist, a pioneer of the Steamfunk literature movement, a master of African martial arts instructor, and a father of 8.

Beth McBee is a neighbor, a scholar, and one tough face painter. Beth volunteers her time in the community, is a fitness instructor, and takes care of a wonderful family. Beth volunteers at Wren’s Nest Fest each June.

Bill Sommer has been a teacher and tutor for 15+ years. He now teaches at the Howard School. He has many talents as a teacher, writer, drummer and juggler. His favorite book is The Invisible Man, and he’d love to meet author Cormac McCarthy.

Bret Royal Keyes is a student at Kennesaw State University and a one-time swim coach at a prestigious swim club in Michigan. Bret and Lain could probably talk about swimming all day. He volunteers with the KIPP Scribes.

Brooke Hatfield is the editor for Georgia Organics, which connects organic food to Georgia families. She is a veteran of the KIPP Scribes program and might be the funniest person we know.

Chad Hagan – is a veteran mentor of the KIPP Scribes program. He is a novelist, a contributor to the Huffington Post, and an entrepreneur. He’s also one of our most secret weapons for innovation and fun.

Charles McDonald teaches English in Korea, but is currently on furlough. He will return to Korea at the end of the year. He is a mentor for the Brown Middle School Scribe program. He is also an avid traveler.

Christina Lee is a journalist and music lover. She is involved in Atlanta freelance culture. She’s also a music writer for Washington City Paper, MTVHive, Vulture, Paste, Creative Loafing, and eMusic. Christina mentors for our Brown Middle School Scribes Program and the KIPP Scribes program

Dawn Little –is currently studying literature at Georgia State University. We’re so happy to have her as a mentor in our Scribes Program at KIPP.

Drew Muldowney – is a Public Relations content specialist and a copy editor. We are so lucky that he is a veteran mentor for our Scribes program.

Erika Burns is an English/Creative Writing major who has worked with Heads Up programs and mentoring children. She works for a marketing agency and would definitely travel back in time to hang out with Mark Twain if she could.

Erin Sintos is a professional photographer and freelance journalist. She has a Master’s degree in English. Erin mentors in our Scribes program and is a contributor to our upcoming Civil War to Civil Rights book. Also, she’d love to meet fellow photographer Annie Lebowitz someday. I think we all would.

Everett Steele – is a pioneer of start-up tech companies and a veteran mentor for the KIPP Scribes program. We want to go on and on about the fabulousness of Everett but realize we would take up your whole day and that just doesn’t seem fair.

Gray Chapman is a freelance writer and an Interesting Person. She’s written for Paste Magazine where she published an interview called “Bustin with Augusten,” which also means she’s funny. Gray volunteers with the KIPP Scribes. [Gray Writes]

Jamie Allen is the CEO of Chronicle and freelance writer for McSweeney’s with tons of writing experience. He is a veteran mentor for the KIPP Scribes program. Jamie is the co-founder of the Inman Park Squirrel Census and was recently published in the Oxford American. If you’ve never heard him read his work you haven’t lived or laughed! [Chronicle]

Jeremy Maxwell has a Creative Writing degree from the University of Southern Alabama. He is also a novelist. If he isn’t whipping up latters or doing construction work, he enjoys playing guitar. His favorite book is William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying.

Kalin Thomas has 25+ years of experience in producing and writing. She spent 17 years as a CNN producer. She is currently writing a nonfiction book about her travels for CNN entitled Do You Know She’s Black? If she could spend some time with the Obamas, Kalin would do it in a heartbeat.

Kamron Taylor – is a Communications major at Spelman College and a volunteer at the Wren’s Nest. When she’s not doing all that she’s mentoring in our Scribes program and spending her summer being an intern at CNN.

Kay Powell is a retired Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor and reporter. She is from Valdosta and has one of the best accents any of us have ever heard. Kay has interviewed over 12,000 people and knows a thing or two. She volunteers her time with the KIPP Scribes. [Decatur Book Festival Bio]

Kelly Skinner-Jordan has a degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia. She served as both a writer and editor for New South Publications, Modern Luxury, and Get Married Magazine. She is currently a full-time freelance writer and editor and is also a mentor for the Brown Middle School Scribes program.

Krista Derbecker manages Little Shop of Stories, the greatest little shop of stories. Krista volunteered with the KIPP Scribes last year when she wasn’t as important as she is now. You, yes you, can buy copies of Don’t Forget That Day directly from Krista. Otherwise, we’re sold out. [Little Shop of Stories]

Lain Shakespeare is the great-great-great-grandson of Joel Chandler Harris and ran the Wren’s Nest for most of his formative years. It’s a well-known secret that he was a co-conspirator in creating both our writing programs.

Laura Relyea – is a huge champion of the Scribes program and new KIPP mentor. She is the vicereine of Vouched Books and the managing editor of Scoutmob in Atlanta. We’re really not sure where we would be without Laura.

Maurice Garland spends time running and boxing, but most people recognize him for his writing. A journalist who has written for Creative Loafing, Black Enterprise, VIBE, Loop 21, and Billboard, he writes about entertainment, lifestyle, and news.

Rachael Maddux has been an editor at Paste Magazine, a contributor to Atlanta Magazine, and a blogger for New York Magazine‘s vulture.com. She came up with the name “the KIPP Scribes” and probably deserves a medal or an award or a house museum because after all, that’s a pretty good name. [Portfolio]

Ralph Ellis was a journalist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution for 30 years. He is a father of three and placed The Prince of Tides at the top of his list of favorite books. We’re so lucky that he also is a mentor for the Brown Middle School Scribes program and the KIPP Scribes program.

Raven Neely – is currently studying English and Psychology at Georgia State University. She is a veteran mentor for the KIPP Scribes program and started out with us as an editor in our high school literary journal program a few years back.

Rebekah Good-Peoples is a teacher. She’s also in an awesome band, Oryx and Crake, which also happens to be the name of a Margaret Atwood novel. Rebekah just started volunteering with the KIPP Scribes this year, and we couldn’t be thrilled-er. [Oryx & Crake]

Sarah Zureick Brown, is a writer with degrees from UC Berkeley and Emory. She also participates in story-telling events around Atlanta. And she is writing a novel. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. She is a mentor for both the Brown Middle School program and the KIPP Scribes program.

Taylor Schwensohn is the coordinator of Teacher Leadership Development at Teach for America. She has a hard time choosing just one favorite book, but she guesses it’s Ishmael. She would love to travel back in time because she is a history buff. She mentors students at the Brown Middle School Scribe program and KIPP Scribes program as well.

Tosin ‘Tosinger’ Taiwo is a Singer, Writer and also a Storyteller. She has a graduate degree in Arts Administration from SCAD Atlanta (Savannah College of Arts & Design). She shares her beautiful talent of singing at Wren’s Nest special events and helps out once in a while with new media updates.

Wanzie Ivey – is a writer and a part-time administrative assistant at the Wren’s Nest. She is a mentor at KIPP and is a contributor to our upcoming Civil War to Civil Rights book.