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July 6th Deadline for Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. Submissions

Written on July 2, 2009 at 3:21 pm, by Amelia

Calling all teenagers!  Or, most likely, calling all parents, family friends, and teachers of teenagers!

The Wren’s Nest Publishing Co.’s newest literary journal, recently christened Wayfarer’s Diary will be accepting fiction, non-fiction, artwork, essays, poetry and anything else you can think of through July 6th.

Here are some darned convincing reasons the high school student in your life should submit:

  • The journal will be showcased at the Decatur Book Festival with an audience of 80,000.
  • This is the only publication created by and for the festival.  Pretty neat.
  • Every decision regarding the journal — from what gets published to the order of the pieces to its marketing approach — is decided by our team of editors, all of whom are Atlanta-area high school students.
  • Um, so they can say they’re published on their college applications, derr.

The submission cover sheet can be found here, and all submissions should be sent to  Easy.

Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s a proven fact that the best pieces of literary work in history have been born out of BBQ and fireworks.  Look it up, geniuses.

Spread the word, please!

EDIT: Eagle-eye reader Jessica pointed out that I missed an “s” in the gmail address above.  Whoops!  It’s all correct now.

Paste Magazine Hosts the Wren’s Nest Publishing Co. and We Have Photos To Prove It

Written on June 18, 2009 at 3:17 pm, by Amelia

Today marks the one-week anniversary of the Wren’s Nest Publishing Company’s annual tour of Paste, a music and culture magazine of international renown.

Paste Magazine Home Office

As always, the editors in our high school literary journal program said (over and over) it was the best thing ever.  As always, I agreed.

Josh Jackson, editor-in-chief at Paste, showed us around and answered the (truly outstanding) questions he received from our high school editors.  Turns out he knows a thing or two about the magazine he created.

Josh Jackson, Editor of Paste, taking the Wren's Nest Publishing Co. on a tour

Throughout the tour, the editors were reminded that Josh would neither bite nor scratch.

Wren's Nest Publishing Co. members are afraid of Paste Magazine's Editor, Josh Jackson

Nevertheless, they kept their distance — just to play it safe — as you can see above.  I think this is hilarious.

Our editors got the chance to meet Paste’s professional, real-life editors and ask more questions.

Listening intently to the Editors of Paste Magazine

Later, our editors enviously applauded the Paste’s staff’s ability to do work with their feet up while eating cookies.  Now they all want internships.  Go figure.

Josh Jackson in Paste Magazine's CD and DVD room

Josh showed us Paste’s CD and DVD room, which is… a room full of CDs and DVDs they receive at the magazine.  There were also bins of “garbage CDs” just outside of the picture, but those seemed too sad to show.  Though don’t let me keep you from taking a moment to use your imagination.

Paste Magazine is in Guitar Hero 3!

In the recording studio Josh dropped a major bomb — Paste is featured in Guitar Hero 3.  This was not taken lightly.  The ladies above made eager vows to play and confirm upon returning home.

Paste Magazine's signature and poster wall

Just outside the recording studio there’s a wall with signatures from artists who have visited.  The editors spent not a small amount of time poring over the signatures.

Three Wren's Nest Publishing Co. Editors and all of Paste's Awards

Here our editors take delight in all of the awards Paste has won.  They’re real team players.  If you look closely, you can see that Paste was in Atlanta Magazine’s Best of Atlanta for 2007, just like The Wren’s Nest.

Thanks for letting us visit, Paste!

In the end, after an amazing tour and approximately 1,100 questions, it was time to leave.  I think you can tell from our editors’ faces what an awful time they had.

Thanks again, Josh!  And thanks to Rachael for helping us set it up — you guys can tour our (one room) office anytime.