The Beltline Begins!

Written on February 23, 2008 at 2:55 pm, by Amelia

Today Lain, visiting chum(p) Heather and I went to the West End Trail Groundbreaking. This is the very first (!) step towards the construction of the Beltline project, which will eventually be the greatest combination of rail, trails, and parks approximately ever in Atlanta.

Atlanta Beltline

Here’s Mayor Shirley Franklin giving the opening address, with Atlanta City Councilwoman Cleta Winslow to her right. And an important man wearing the t-shirt I also own to her left. Booyah!

Mayor Shirley Franklin at the Beltline Groundbreaking

There was a pretty good turnout, complete with camera crews, politicians, many of local folks, the man (Ryan Gravel) who came up with the idea for the Beltline as his thesis project (!), and an assortment of schlubs like ourselves. Plus one man confused about where to look.

Crowd at the West End Beltline Groundbreaking

For the real go-getters there were shovels to get in on the action. With a camera in one hand and a brownie bite in the other, I was not considered a go-getter, so much as a go-observer.

Beltline Groundbreaking Shovels

For people like ourselves who are Beltline supporters through and through, this was a pretty darn good way to start our day. Plus, did I mention there were brownie bites?

13 Comments to The Beltline Begins!

  1. lain says:

    That’s Kwabena Nkromo, our Neighborhood Planning Unit chairdude, in the Beltline cleanup shirt, Amelia.

  2. Tim says:

    Say, check the spelling of “t-shirt” – unless your version is a commentary against the shirt, in which case, never mind.

  3. Laurie says:

    I’m confused. Didn’t you write recently that funding for the Beltline fell through? Please advise.

  4. lain says:

    Haha, wow, thanks Tim. Amelia didn’t mean to go so blue all of a sudden. We like to think this blog is family friendly…ish.

    Laurie, some of the funding for the Beltline fell through, but not nearly all. If the project is $2.8 billion (let’s say), they lost about $800 million.

  5. Amelia says:

    Or as we at the Wren’s Nest call it, chump change.

    I need to go cry.

  6. Scotty says:

    Unrelated comment:
    I love how my browser now displays the little logo of the Wren perched on a pen right next to the web address. Is that feature new or have I just been inattentive for some time?

  7. lain says:

    Scotty, you are very observant. That’s brand new, as of Thursday I think. Eduardo suggested we do it, then Lauren and Nate had it up and running for us in a matter of minutes.

  8. joe says:

    Eduardo is a genius. Good job, Eduardo.

    Those balloons are kinda ugly.

  9. Marshall says:

    This is the first 2.4 miles of the trail and it is completely funded. Thanks in large part to some of the funding big brothers of Atlanta (Woodruff, Blank, Coke Cola, Etc.). They like this project. My hope and vision is that them or some of their foundation brothers and/or individuals looking for a legacy will fund the “Center for Southern Storytelling” at the Wren’s Nest.

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  11. Benjy says:


  12. […] It runs just a few blocks from here, and is one of the few places to have already broke ground. […]

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