Where to Eat


Where to Eat

Brer Lion at The Wren's Nest


People often ask us where they can eat lunch in West End after a delightful tour of the Wren’s Nest. Below are a few of the restaurants within walking distance, chosen because the Wren’s Nest staff loves them most. So, to be clear, this is completely biased. Just how we like it.


Chanterelle’s Cafe & Catering

646 Evans St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 • (404) 758-0909 • [website]

Chanterelle’s offers French-Creole infused Southern dishes. The restaurant is primarily cafeteria style, but with an attentive wait staff, which means no waiting and a pleasant sit-down atmosphere. Lain’s favorite dish is the curry shrimp and he would kill a man for the corn bread muffins, while Amelia loves their curry chicken and apple cobbler. The rest of Atlanta is nuts for the creamed spinach. Each generous (see: heaping) plate usually ends up costing somewhere around $10. Delicious, and the best place to go with a larger group.


Q-Time Restaurant

1120 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd. • Atlanta, GA 30310 • (404) 758-2881 • [website]

Q-Time’s slogan is “Miss Ya Mama’s Cookin’…?” Yes Q-Time, yes I do. Q-Time is old-fashioned, no frills Southern cooking. Think fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, etc. But with an extensive menu and lunch specials every day, it’s unlikely that Q-Time would disappoint even the pickiest of eaters. Lain enjoys their baked chicken and green beans. Amelia’s middle name is actually sweet potato, which she tends to complement with macaroni and cheese. Mmm, starches. Jeri and Nannie like the fish there and regularly have vegetable plates. Q-Time is sit-down and reasonably priced.


Soul Vegetarian

879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW • Atlanta, GA 30310 • (404) 752-5194 • [on Yelp!]

Soul Vegetarian’s food is organic, vegan, kosher, and magically delicious. A lighter alternative to both Chanterelle’s and Q-Time, Soul Veg is cafeteria style with a vast array of options that, frankly, you would never guess were made without ingredients like, say, cheese. Especially when you’re eating their “macaroni and
cheese.” Point at something that looks good, it’s put on your tray, and then you enjoy. Soul Vegetarian also has an excellent juice bar if you’re thirsty. A fine meal will set you back somewhere between $7 and $12.


Other nearby and familiar options:

Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, and Captain D’s.


If you’re up for something crazy like driving to lunch, we’ve got you covered there, too. While all of the previous restaurants were within walking distance, the next few all necessitate a car, but are no less beloved by The Wren’s Nest staff.


Brer Bear at The Wren's Nest

No Más Cantina

180 Walker St. • Atlanta, GA 30313 • (404) 574-5678 • [website]

Here is a short list of things to love about No Más: 1. Its Mexican fare is not only delicious, but the portions are quite generous; 2. Those lunch special prices do not mess around; 3. Guacamole! Homemade and free! Also, No Más is half restaurant, half totally neat furniture, lighting, and accessories store. Which clearly means No Más boasts original décor that is totally unique. Plus, you can buy the shirt off your server’s back. And the seat you’re in. And the fan that you like so much. Literally.


Elliott Street Pub

51 Elliott St. • Atlanta, GA 30313 • (404) 523-2174 • [website]

The owners of Elliott Street Pub, brothers Pete and Mike, live upstairs. They don’t open until 11am, and they take siestas after the lunch rush. This paints a pretty accurate picture, I think. But before you think these two kindly gents are anything but devoted to their work, stop in and watch them painstakingly slice the veggies
for your sandwich while they try to learn everyone’s name in Atlanta. You can taste the love. Lain is loyal to the Dirty Bird in Blue, while Amelia salivates over their Turkey Slawich.


Peachtree Center Food Court

Take MARTA to Peachtree Center

This isn’t exactly a driving option, but bear with us. Peachtree Center is only three stops away on MARTA, aka about 8 minutes, max. The station leads you directly into a sort of mini-mall area that connects several of the downtown office and convention buildings. The food court offers many options, including Chik-fil-A and Willy’s Mexican, which we all really like over here. This is a great option for tourists, especially if you’re sticking to MARTA for your needs and, say, on your way to the High Museum of Art. Also great for people watching, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Naturally, we’re happy to answer any questions we can, so please don’t hesitate to email sue@wrensnest.org with your queries. Also, if you have suggestions for other delicious options in the West End neighborhood, let us know. Happy eating!