The Wren's Nest House Museum Home of Joel Chandler Harris


Have You (Yes, You!) Heard Our Storytellers? They Are a Delight.

Here at the Wren’s Nest we invite folks for storytelling every Saturday at 1pm. Kids like it, sure. But truth be told it’s the adults who really get a kick out of the performance.

I’m a dedicated fan of Mama KoKu, one of our four Wren’s Nest Ramblers. Legend even has it that her voice cures hangovers.


The next time you’re looking for an authentic experience in Atlanta, trick someone into storytelling at the Wren’s Nest. We’ll be ready every Saturday at 1 pm.


The 2016 Scribes Program at KIPP STRIVE Academy begins in January!


Our snazzy dazzy writing mentors will be working one-on-one with students from KIPP STRIVE Academy. This is the Scribes Program’s seventh year at KIPP, and it promises to be a great one. We’re pretty sure the scribes and mentors wil be writing about something having to do with – dare we say it – superheroes. We’ll publish an anthology of the stories over the summer and host a launch party for our new authors and their fans at the Decatur Book Festival again this year.


Next Door to the World, our Last Book by the KIPP Scribes

Next Door to the World

Last Labor Day Weekend, the KIPP Scribes celebrated the release of their new bound collection, Next Door to the World. The book contains a series of re-creations and re-fabrications of the legendary folktales compiled by Joel Chandler Harris. It’s really something.

We paired the students to work 1-on-1 with our fantastic volunteers for an hour each week. Next Door to the World also features beautiful black and white portraits, thanks to phenomenal photographer Andrew Thomas Lee.

Want to mentor a student in our 2016 program? Simply email Kalin at


Everything You’ve Heard About Uncle Remus Is Wrong

Recently in the media you might have heard a thing or two about the tar baby story or about Brer Rabbit. But what’s the deal with Uncle Remus, the character who narrates the Brer Rabbit stories? You’ll be surprised to find that everything you’ve heard about Uncle Remus may very well be wrong.

Uncle Remus the Trickster

Remus is a fictional character crafted by Joel Chandler Harris to narrate African American folk tales to a little white boy. But in the process, Remus gives the kid an unusual education. He says things like:

“Your dad’s an idiot.”

“I’m dating your mom.”

“The stories in the Bible aren’t true.”

“When civilization started, everyone used to be black.”

These ideas aren’t exactly what you’d expect to hear in children’s stories from 19th century Georgia. Discover the whole story about Remus in five easy-reading parts.


Akbar Imhotep Performs “The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story” in HD

Professor and documentarian Spenser Simrill, Jr. stopped by the other day to record Akbar in action. Take a gander:

I can’t promise that every Saturday at 1 pm we’ll have a documentarian filming in sweet, sweet HD, but I can promise you an amazing storytelling performance.


Did you restore your museum called the Wren’s Nest?

No? I don’t blame you. It costs a lot of money to look this handsome.

Wren's Nest Dining Room
Feel free to follow the progress of our $190,000 conservation project from the planning stages (March 2008) to the fancy-pants architectural photos (December 2009).

The before and after pictures are pretty remarkable. Go ahead and check ’em out. I’ll wait.